The Committee



Former founder of the MISTER FRANCE concept created in 2001,
she is the President of the young MISTER EUROPE-EURONATIONS Committee
and has held the reins since its creation, to give it the necessary drive
for its media coverage and its legitimate development.

She wants to give an impact to the concept worthy of it’s name, which she takes up as a challenge to set up.


She is therefore the owner of the MISTER EUROPE trademark registered with the INPI and of EUROPE-EURONATIONS registered with the OHIM, for Community Europe, as well as all their applications and derivatives, both at the regional level, as well as European and international, protected by WIPO industrial property registrations, for countries under the Madrid Convention.

At a time of parity, aware of the undeniable evolution of mentalities in the perception of “modern man” in socio-cultural fields, and convinced by this new craze which is confirmed and amplified on a daily basis, she is concentrating on this innovative project, in line with his creative spirit.

Perfectly aware of contemporary trends related to aesthetics and international fashion, familiar with the analysis of societal phenomena related to it, she was notably a pioneer in France, in the techniques of “makeover” and became Advisor to the President of the Formation Company, in 1999, for the PIGIER / Hairdressing and Aesthetics Group.

Rachel masters the art of being and appearing: At barely 22, she founded a school to train hostesses and flight attendants.

An initiative that is so successful – nearly 800 students – that it will create a second, and even direct a third.

Her representation skills are already such that she is not impressed to frequent the stars of the show biz of the time, Salvador DALI in the lead, with whom she evolves with grace and confidence, forcing respect.

But tired of the system, she passes the hand, to spend the peaceful days of young retiree.


ELSA QUESNEY Community Manager

At 20, attracted by IT development, she is currently doing her second year of higher education in digital in Paris; Very comfortable on social networks and perfectly integrated with its time and its technologies, she was naturally entrusted with the essential role of Community Manager, to exchange with European candidates and take charge of the creation of content and digital communication of the Committee.


Passionate about people and human relations, José has an atypical career, physical trainer, mental coach, specializing in cognitive sciences and analysis of human behavior (non-verbal language) he has also worked in the business world, particularly real estate , his talents as a negotiator and his leadership spirit led him to occupy the position of commercial director in a large real estate group.

Photo: Sébastien Anex


Stylist and Creative director at Pablo-chester Photography Lou is the creative and dynamic stylist who gives style and staged to branded outfits from a photographer ‘s photo shoot and story board. Make sure everything is consistent, and that nothing swears in a photo, a location or an event. As a first for a fashion designer, she ensures that the model is comfortable and impeccable in its outfit. Aware of the latest trends she knows at a glance what will go to each of morphologies.

SYLVIE SOLER ELBAZ – Partnership Manager

Sylvie Soler Elbaze is a reference in the production and organization of events (Night Trophy 2005, Stage & Champagne Hidalgo, 6 years of events produced at the Palais Maillot …), but also in the world famous Parisian nights ( 10 years of General Management at Madeleine Plaza, Latina nights at La Coupole and Mikado, in partnership with Radio Latina …). « A PARIS C’EST ICI », accompanies the release of various products, books, CDs, fashion shows … but also various artists as press officer.


Photographer, Producer, Talent Finder.
Shawa PABLO-CHESTER is a multi-talented artist. Blogger of influence and Parisian celebrity, it is like as photographer she will make herself known internationally. Her photos are the cover of many fashion magazines around the world. Rare woman to evolve and succeed in male art photography industry. Her photo book “Models” makes a success from Asia to United States. Shawa has the eye to capture the beauty of her lens always on the lookout to highlight a model and sublimate it. She discovers, manages and advises the image of celebrities and beginner models. She likes to start models careers …

PATRICK MOYSE – Public Relations

A lifelong media enthusiast, Patrick has been at the heart of events and events for 25 years. His know-how and professionalism are now known and recognized within a profession that is sometimes poorly identified. Institutions, large brands as well as private individuals, have already trusted him and entrusted him with their Communication)