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Last Name : Pirotte

First Name : Henry-Samuel

Age : 24 years


Marital status : single

Diploma : bakery pastry

Desired Career : I want to make a career in cinema as an actor and in fashion as a model.

Current occupation : student, I am currently in training for the front camera course at scenocity in Brussels and before that I did 3 years at the Florent course in Brussels.

Spoken languages : I speak French


Height : 180 cm

Weight : 75 kg

Hair color : black

Eye color : Dark brown

Distinguishing marks : no


What are you favorite activities (hobbies, sports, etc.) ?

My hobbies are kendo, I am first dan in this martial art. I also like baking a lot, I like manga, the discovery of myth and legend of the world of all countries and video games in particular MMORPGs and i love to dance.


According to you, what is your main character trait ?

I think that my main character trait is to be extremely open-minded, I always try to know all the hold and result before making a judgment.


What is your seduction asset and what do like best about you ?

I think my main attraction is my smile and what I like most about a girl is her eyes, her gaze, which is the window to the soul.


Main qualities ?

I am perserverent


Biggest flaws ?

i am extremely stubborn, once i have decided on something it is very difficult to change my mind.


What is the ideal profile of « the love of your life » ?

I don’t really have an ideal kind of girl, it’s the filing that counts earlier, but if I had to give you a more precise description, it would be Annatituude-La Japonaise, a great French-Japanese youtuber, but if not to be more precise a “Valk”.


What are your main motivations to participate at this contest ?

I didn’t really have any real motivation except to gain awareness and make myself known and prove to a sick child like me that we too have the right to dream and that we can all do great things.


What would be the final successful realization of your dreams ?

my dream, my ultimate goal, I prefer not to talk about it yet. but sooner my goal is to be known and recognized at the world level which will allow me to realize this dream at least one day I hope.


Do you have a particular talent ? If yes, give us some details.

I don’t have any particular talent unless you consider that singing not too badly is a talent? and like i said above i am a black kendo belt.


What is the position of your country in relation to Europe ? What can you say in order to value it ?

Belgium is a country in Western Europe. whatever one says about it belgium has its faults like all, but I would say that one of its great peculiarity is the emergence of a lot of new and different talent in different fields.


Which other precisions could be useful to help us know better your personality ?

in addition to having grown up as a sick child I am also adopted, I was abandoned in Nigeria and I was adopted by a Belgian family so I grew up as a Belgian with African origins, so I can tell you that it builds character and that it teaches you to be more tolerant towards others.


Which is your idea of the MISTER EUROPE-EURONATIONS

for me the title of Mister Europe gives the responsibility to this person to represent all the people of europe meaning distinction of class, gender or origin.

I will add this sentence which for me is like a kind of grigri: A heart of light, in a body of darkness, animated by a will of fire


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NOTE: One vote per day and per IP address. The elements provided by the participants were provided and kept in the original state (presentation video – questionnaire – photos – in order to accurately reflect their personality and give an exact idea of ​​their capacity, their seriousness and their motivation, to participate in this international competition, it is up to YOU ​​to JUDGE if they are able to be part of the 12 LAST FINALISTS